About Us

What is NIE?

Today’s students have grown up with television, video games and computers - electronics that capture their attention. They are challenging teachers to develop creative instructional activities and find educational resources that will bring excitement to their classrooms. The Herald-Dispatch’s Education Outreach program accomplishes both goals.

NIE (Newspapers In Education) brings newspapers into schools, helping teachers stimulate student interest in reading, writing, math, science, geography, government, economics and social studies from elementary to high school. Newspapers give teachers reallife applications to use with their classroom instruction. The newspaper allows teachers to teach the reading and comprehension skills necessary to succeed in life as they use the activity ideas provided for them by The Herald-Dispatch and the Education Outreach program. With the newspaper as a education resource, teachers can encourage their students to read the information critically and reflect on what they learn about present-day issues in the world around them.

The newspaper gives students what they care about most – the present. The newspaper helps students find information about the world, sports and life, "subjects" that are current, relevant and interesting. Students like reading the newspaper because it is real, different every day and a connection to the world around them.

Student Benefits:

• Promote student literacy.
• Provide hands-on opportunities and real life examples of how school subjects apply in today’s world.
• Integrate world and local news, politics and technology into the classroom.
• Spark enthusiasm for meaningful classroom interaction.
• Cultivate continued student interest in current events, broadening the ability to learn.
• Serve as a living textbook, allowing student to witness history as it happens.
• Endure as a motivating and stimulating teaching tool.
• Create lifelong learners, more informed consumers and involved citizens.

Why Should Your Business Invest In The Herald-Dispatch’s Educational Outreach Program?

• You will provide a valuable educational resource to thousands of local students.
• Students will benefit directly from your active role in their classroom learning experiences.
• Developing an educated work force improves our community and our economy.
• Newspaper readers become more involved with community activities and civic responsibilities.
• You will be recognized as a corporate citizen interested in quality education.

Levels of Support

Your business will be recognized for your support of Education Outreach based upon the level of sponsorship.

Gold Sponsor: $920
This sponsorship provides the most benefit to area schools and the most recognition for your business.
• Sponsorship of 8 classrooms
• Prime positioning on a monthly "Thank You" ad in The Herald-Dispatch.
• One 8 1/2” x 11” single-sheet inserts into newspapers going to schools per semester.
• A certificate recognizing your sponsorship.

Silver Sponsor: $460
This sponsorship shows the community the commitment your business has made in helping local schools.
• Sponsorship of 4 classrooms
• Recognition on a monthly "Thank You" ad in The Herald-Dispatch.
• A certificate recognizing your sponsorship.

Bronze Sponsor: $115
• Sponsorship of 1 classroom
• Recognition on a monthly "Thank You" ad in The Herald-Dispatch.

Benefits of Support

• Highly visible support of local schools.
• Ability to direct your support to specific schools.

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