When you are choosing which photo to use with your wedding, engagement or anniversary announcement in The Herald-Dispatch, be careful to pick a photo that will be appropriate for publication. Here are some guidelines to help you make your choice.

1. Professional photos are best. Snapshot photos often do not reproduce well, and cell phone photos do not work at all. Photos printed on your home computer also do not work. Instead, we need the original, unedited digital file (either emailed or brought in on a disc).

2. A close-up, well-lit shot of the couple looks best.

3. Make sure the bride's and groom's faces are close together. If the bride is much shorter than the groom, you may want to choose a photo of them sitting.

4. Do not expect to get the bride's entire gown into your photo. The details of the dress will not be visible, and the bride's face will be very small.

5. When e-mailing photos to the newspaper, make sure you attach the highest quality .jpg to your email.
6. Photos cannot be faxed to the newspaper.

7. Photos will be in color in the newspaper and on the website.

8. Be sure to include all names, an address and a phone number on the back of each photo. The Herald-Dispatch will return photos after their publication.

For questions, call 304-526-2793.

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Good examples
This photo would look good because their faces are so close together.
This photo would look OK. It shows the most detail possible in a photo of a bride alone.
This photo of a bride alone would look good in the paper.
Not-so-good examples
This photo would not look good. The couple is too far apart, and you can’t see the groom’s face.
This photo will not look good because the bride appears too small.
This photo would not look good because the bride and groom are too far apart.

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