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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Another "Prison Break"?

Of all the shows on TV I though might be in line for a spin-off, “Prison Break” was not one of them.

But lo and behold, here come some FOX execs to prove me wrong…

FOX has ordered a script for “Prison Break: Cherry Hill,” which would focus on Molly, an upper-middle-class housewife who suffered a family tragedy at the hands of The Company and comes to Michael Scofield to figure out how to get revenge. Her revenge plan lands her in prison for life, where she learns that her loved ones are actually alive—which, of course, leads to an escape plan.

Molly, who has not yet been cast, will be introduced on “Prison Break” this season. If “Cherry Hill” doesn’t work out, she will continue on “Break,” possibly as a new love interest for Michael.

It sounds to me like FOX is just having trouble letting go…