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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Billy Ray dances on...

And I thought “American Idol” knew how to stall. Holy cow…

First, there was that somewhat inappropriate performance (for a family show) by Ciara and then there was that study of the contestants’ numbers and auras. What?!

But when they finally got around to it, Shandi and Brian were the second pair eliminated from “Dancing With the Stars.” So yes, Billy Ray dances on with his “achy breaky butt.”

The interesting story that emerged from last night’s results show, though, was Leeza Gibbons. Leeza and Tony were tied for first place after the judges’ scores, but they ended up in the bottom two after the votes were figured in. Translation: Leeza has no fans. She was not happy.

Speaking of people who were not happy, Laila Ali was still fuming over her partner, Max, coming up with illegal choreography. I don’t understand all the technicalities, but Max should have. And I’m thinking that an undefeated boxing champ is not someone you want to mess with.

Since I didn’t watch any of the dances other than Billy Ray’s Monday night, I missed Joey and Kym’s “Star Wars” tango. They got to do the encore dance last night, and it was really cool.

I’ve decided the reason I can’t get into this show is because I just don’t understand it. I can listen to a person sing and know whether it was good or not, but with dancing, I don’t have a clue. I didn’t see the big misstep Ian made and I don’t get how the other couples could break their “hold” but Laila and Max couldn’t. And Max’s point about theatrics was a good one. Everyone else was using props and costumes. They were just using their moves for theatrics instead. Of course, the judges didn’t agree.

And by the way, if you weren’t impressed with Survivor’s performance last night, you weren’t the only one. I did some snooping on the web and if their Wikipedia entry is correct, they do have a completely new lead singer…