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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Soap Spotlight: Luke & Laura

As you may have noticed, there’s one segment of television that I have yet to cover in this blog—daytime soaps.

So please allow me to remedy that oversight with a brand new feature: “Soap Spotlight.” Every Thursday, I’ll provide some of the latest news from the soap world and you can jump in and comment on whatever soap you wish.

It’s only appropriate that I start this new feature with a post about one of the biggest moments in daytime history—the wedding of Luke and Laura on “General Hospital.” “GH” will celebrate the 25th anniversary of that event with the limited return of Genie Francis (Laura), who made her first appearance today. If you’re a fan, you know that Laura has been in a catatonic state at a psychiatric hospital since she killed her father four years ago [According to “USA Today,” this storyline turn came after Francis left the show, apparently upset she was not given the same perks as Anthony Geary (Luke).]. Thanks to a miracle drug, Laura will wake up and speak her first word in years: “Luke.” The story will culminate in a “commemorative” episode November 16th.

Next week, I’ll have good news for “Days of Our Lives” fans as we talk about the better “Days” ahead. For now, though, it’s your turn.

You know you love them, so let’s talk about them!