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Monday, October 30, 2006

Is "Prison Break" a true story?

Last week, I said that “Prison Break” was one of the most unrealistic shows on TV, but apparently two brothers from Missouri don’t agree.

Robert and Donald Hughes have filed a lawsuit against FOX and the show’s executive producer/creator Paul Schering, claiming that the show was stolen from their manuscript chronicling their real-life experiences.

According to the Associated Press, in May 1964, Robert Hughes was wrongfully held in juvenile detention after his mother falsely accused him of threatening her life. His older brother, Donald, broke him out and for the next four years, they were on the run. The two were exonerated in 1968 after The Kansas City Star published their story.

In the AP story, the Hughes say they’ve noted more than 30 places, names or events from “Break” that are similar to their manuscript, which they say FOX passed on in 2001.

FOX had no comment to the AP about the lawsuit.

Stay tuned…