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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Question of the Week: Who should wear J.R.'s hat?

Today on “Stay Tuned,” we are going to debut a new segment—The Question of the Week. Every Wednesday I will ask a TV-related question to get your creative juices flowing.

The first question was actually inspired by one of my faithful readers. He suggested a post on casting TV-inspired movies.

Now, let me just say for the record that I am completely against butchering good TV shows for the sake of films. Most of these movies just take the characters’ names and the same basic setting and then do whatever they want with them. But since it could lead to some interesting discussion, I’ll go along with it.

Derek suggested “The A-Team,” but since I am VEHEMENTLY opposed to any “A-Team” movie (Yes, I know it’s going to happen anyway.), let’s go with another 80s stalwart—“Dallas.”

You’ve probably heard that John Travolta has signed on to play J.R. with Jennifer Lopez as his wife Sue Ellen and Luke Wilson as his brother Bobby. The presence of Wilson and Lopez make me think this is going to be a farce. So what if Hollywood was making a movie actually based on the television show?

Here’s our question of the week: Who would you cast in the “Dallas” movie?

To get us started, here are my choices:

J.R. Ewing: James Spader
Sue Ellen Ewing: Marcia Cross
Bobby Ewing: David Hasselhoff
Pamela Barnes Ewing: Kristin Davis
Lucy Ewing: Nicole Richie
Miss Ellie Ewing: Blythe Danner
Jock Ewing: Donald Sutherland

Okay, I admit the Hoff as Bobby is a little out there, but I needed a cheesy dramatic actor. Since Bobby was always the buffoon (and Patrick Duffy never quite pulled it off), Luke Wilson may not be a bad choice after all. Ironically, Marcia Cross is rumored to be playing Pam, but I think she’d be much better suited for the off-balance Sue Ellen. And if you’re going old-school “Dallas,” then there is no one better suited to play J.R.’s dad than Donald Sutherland. If you recall, Jock was pretty ruthless himself. As for J.R., no one plays likeably sleazy like James Spader.

Now let’s hear from you…