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Friday, August 11, 2006

"Project Runway": Model Behavior

The fate of the models on “Project Runway” has never been in their hands as they must wear whatever the designers give them; and then stand by as the designers eliminate one of them. So, this week they got a little more control as they chose the designer they wanted to work with. However, this meant that two were eliminated by chance only. I was a little disappointed because this eliminated Katya, the fiercest of them all (But what did she do to her hair?).

Then, the models got to choose the fashion icon whose look the designers would update. It was obvious that the producers had tried very hard to choose icons that would match the designers, it was just up to the models to find that match. As Laura said, the designers’ fates were in the hands of someone who barely knew them. But apparently the models had been paying attention, because almost all of their selections were perfect.

Bradley’s model, however, had gotten knocked aside in the melee that ensued when the models chose the icon’s picture off the table and had to take the only one left—Cher. Although I think Cher might have worked better for Vincent, I thought Bradley could do her justice—until he admitted he knew nothing about her. Bradley may have been better off with Twiggy, but something tells me he wouldn’t have known anything about her either.

Robert and Jackie Onassis should have been a perfect match, but Robert was bitten by the boring bug again this week and produced a blah linen ensemble that looked a little like a burlap sack to me. As season two contestant Nick said on his “People” blog, Robert is finding life away from the Dream House a little difficult. I just don’t know why.

Anyone concerned there would be a lack of arrogance with Keith gone, shouldn’t have worried, because Jeffrey has taken his place, even going so far as to say that he wished Laura would have a stroke. As Nick said, that’s even going beyond Santino territory. I thought there may be a chance that Jeffrey would be gone with his hideous update of Madonna; but the judges let him pass without even keeping him on the runway for the Q&A.

The most exciting thing about this episode is that Michael finally got some love from both the judges and the show’s editors. The Message Boards and blogs have been complaining that Michael hasn’t gotten enough air time (I still can’t believe they didn’t single out his coffee filter dress!) so it was great to see him get some much-deserved recognition and the win. I have to believe the producers chose Pam Grier as an icon with Michael in mind and he knocked it out of the park! It was interesting that the judges raved about the fit of the hotpants when Michael had only finished them right before the runway show. As he says in the intro, he’s got “mad skills.”

The biggest surprise of the episode was once again Angela. I really thought Audrey Hepburn was a bad choice for her, but she totally made it work. If she could just drop the rosettes, she might actually be a good designer; and she appears to have dropped some of her Wendy Pepper ways.

It was no surprise when Bradley and his spacey aluminum foil top ended up in the bottom two along with Robert the Boring. Personally, I think Vincent should have been there with his picnic table outfit, but I think the judges are using some tough love on Robert. “We believe in your talent, but you better wake us up,” Heidi told him. In the end, it was Bradley who went home. “This is serious high fashion,” he said, “and I made a tinker toy.”

Next week, Heidi promises the designers that the challenges are going to get much tougher. What surprises me about the challenges is that in the two-and-a-half years the show has been on the air, it has yet to repeat one of them. So who knows what’s in store for the rest of the season.

All I know is I will definitely stay tuned…and you should to.