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Friday, March 30, 2007

My Ex wants me to invest in a home based travel agency?

To the person that asked “My ex girlfriend is trying to recruit me into investing in a home based travel agency. Is this legit?”

Good question. After examining the firm’s web site I’d say no. They are not really interested in helping your make money from selling travel. Their focus is to get you to recruit new members to join their network and you’ll be compensated by the volume of associates you recruit. It appears to be a classic multi-level marketing scheme rather than a home based travel sales program.

If you are interested in selling travel agent then you may want to participate in a “Taking off as a Home Based Travel Agent” workshop that Ohio University is sponsoring at the new Proctorville Center on April 16th, 23rd & 30th. Call my office at 740.533.4559 or 800.626.0513 for more details.

Other excellent sources of information can be found online at They have a home based agent resource center and offer many free or valued priced reference publication. Another good source is the National Association of Commissioned Travel Agents located at

Avoid being scammed, do some solid research and yes you can actually profit from selling travel!