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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Huntington High's Talent Show

Thanks to son Evan for pointing out the photo gallery on the Herald-Dispatch's website (which you can see here).

It features photos from Huntington High School's talent show last Wednesday, and sharp-eyed readers will spot several performers who have appeared in community theatre shows.

For example, here's a shot of two terrific singers, Elliott Imlay and Maggie Saunders (how I wish these photos included sound!):

And here's Maggie again, this time providing guitar backup for another outstanding singer, Elijah Boyles:

There are lots of great shots by H-D photographer Lori Wolfe - check 'em out!

EDIT: Here's a late addition (and a real treat) - video of Maggie and Elliott singing, courtesy of my pal Allen. Enjoy!