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Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Legally Blonde: The Musical"

I finally got a chance to watch the MTV taping of the Broadway show Legally Blonde, and imagine my surprise - I really liked it!

Let's face it, this isn't a show that's aimed at my demographic - it's basically the stage version of a "chick flick" (if you'll pardon the term). However, it's also loaded with tons of energy, several terrific songs, some amazing feats of staging and a really talented cast.

I agree with my pal Len's take on it - I could have done without the inane hosts, who were badly reading their lines off cue cards, but the performance certainly made me want to see the show live - I would expect their ticket sales to soar.

I think what impressed me the most was how well the show translated to television. Most stage performances come off flat on the small screen, but they did a terrific job of capturing the energy of Legally Blonde. Recommended!