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Thursday, October 25, 2007

"HSM" in today's H-D

There's a nice feature in today's Herald-Dispatch talking about the upcoming production of High School Musical - you can read about it right here and see the photo gallery here. This photo shows Sharpay (Jordan Sager) taking part in a drama class exercise.

But (as much as I hate to point it out), a boo-boo slipped into today's article - they printed the cast list, but it's the original list that was announced right after auditions. There have been several changes since then - here's the latest list:

Troy Bolton: Elliott Imlay
Gabriella Montez: Angela Pino
Sharpay Evans: Jordan Sager
Ryan Evans: Josh Meredith

The Jocks
Chad Danforth: Drew Sowards
Zeke Baylor: Eric Newfeld
Jason: Garrett Gaunch
Other Jocks: Avery Kitchen, Ryan Riegel, T.J. Thompson, Caleb Donahoe

The Thespians
Kelsi Neilson:
Alissa Fetherolf
James: Morgan Jacobson
Susan: Sydney Pay
Cathy: Sarah Wolfe
Alan: Clark Lewis
Cyndra: Mary Kate Young
Other Thespians: Courtney Cremeans, Emily Davis, Amy Klim

The Brainiacs
Taylor McKessie:
Hannah Boyles
Martha Cox: Maggie Saunders
Jack Scott: Jacob Smith
Kratnoff: Todd Childers
Other Braniacs: Sophia Berhie, Rachel Enders, Ashley Johnson, Alisa McGrony, Christa Navy, Ashlee Simpkins

The Skater Dudes
Caleb Donahoe
Mongo: Troy Nicely
Other Skater Dudes: Sarah Clark, Marissa Clayton, Chloe Donahoe, Brooke Estep, Chloe Herrold, Ashlee Matthews

Cheerleaders: Allison Bartram, Hailey Bellamy, Grayson Collins, Allison Harker, Angel Harrison, Morgan Raines, Meg Riley

The Teachers
Ms. Darbus:
Deborah Wolfe
Coach Bolton: Bill Bartlett

So now you're up to date!