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1970 Marshall Plane Crash: We Remember
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"You Are Marshall"

I know the movie has been out for a while now, but me & my husband just had the pleasure of seeing it. We are both big football fans, but being from TX and only born in 83 & 84 had never really heard this tragic story. I have to say I have not cried so much or been so touched by a story in a long time! The movie was very well done & I thought paid very good tribute to all the lives that were lost. We are also from a small town & know how much of a tragedy loosing home town people can be. Loosing one person is bad enough much less 75 young to old. I have looked over the web site & read numerous blogs on how much those people are missed.

I just wanted to say that YOU ARE MARSHALL & you can continue to make it through with all 75 in your hearts! Good luck to the future Thundering Herds!-

Staci RetzlaffLexington TX

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Online site about the 1970 Marshall plane crash available again

During the transition to new content management software, we had to temporarily take down our "1970 Marshall Plane Crash: The Real Story" site in order to move it to the new platform.

I am pleased to announce the site has returned.

The site features:

* original game stories and rosters of the 1970 and ’71 teams.
* photo galleries of the teams, Fairfield Stadium and more.
* biographical information about the victims.
* stories about Jack Lengyel, Nate Ruffin and Red Dawson.
* a history of Marshall football.
* coverage of the filming of the movie.

Explore the site by clicking here.

If you should find any technical glitches, please e-mail to me at

Andrea Copley-Smith
online editor
The Herald-Dispatch