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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How do you spell conspiracy?

According to Tony Stewart, NASCAR.

Now, Tony is a great whiner and just when you think he’s being prudent and begging off post-race interviews to cool down after losing to Jeff Gordon in Phoenix (congrats to #24 on tying the Dale Earnhardt record wins; your tribute was classy), Tony goes off again.

Once again, Tony voiced his conspiracy theory of racing, NASCAR just can’t keep it’s mitts off the race and uses “debris” cautions to manipulate the outcome.

On his Tuesday night Sirius Satellite Radio show, Tony not only said – once again – NASCAR is playing God with the races, but likened it to professional wrestling.

No matter on which side of pro wrestling you stand, you know it’s all scripted. Did you really think Donald Trump would put up with being shaved bald just before The Apprentice finale? You knew it would be Vince McMahon on the business end of the clippers.

Is it really possible to influence the outcome of a race by throwing a well-timed caution? Wouldn't you have to be able to predict who’s crew is fastest late in the race, who'd be first off pit road and have great pit box position. And haven’t drivers been known to have something “blow out” of the car, complain they see something on the track or think they ran over something when they stood to gain from a caution?

I’m not saying there’s no cahoots happening and everything is clean, but on the other hand, there’d have to be an awful lot of cavorting between officials, drivers and crew chiefs.

Shades of JFK folks, that’s some conspiracy.

About our photo:
Thanks to the Associated Press for this Tony shot with Mike Helton. Their conversations have probably digressed, if they even speak at all, since this was snapped last season.