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Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Movie Star In Our Midst.

Today at work, I found out something I didn't know. The dogs that were in the Disney movie, 8 Below, were to be sent to rescue organizations around the Eastern part of the U.S. The ones that weren't taken by someone, were shipped off, just like something that was disposable.

The way I found out, a gentleman came in to see if we had anything pertaining to Malamutes, which unfortunately, we didn't. He bought a Siberian Husky coffee mug because he said it looked like his dog. Well, he preceded to tell me the story of how he got his Malamute, and where she came from. He said he was in CA., at Planet Hollywood, and he was asked if he wanted this Malamute that had been in the movie, 8 Below.

He was told that if he didn't take her, she was being shipped off to a rescue in TN. He said to me, "well, of course I took her." The man said she was about 6-8 yrs. old, and a total sweetie. I told him I wouldn't use her name, but ask if I could have his permission to tell his story to my readers. He readily agreed. I wanted the public to know that the movie industry really doesn't care about the animals. If they are owned by someone, they have a chance. But, if they come from a pound, they are disposable to the industry. Sad.

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