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Friday, September 11, 2009

Tips To Choosing The Right Veterinarian.

Choosing a vet is very important. Here is a short checklist to help you find one that meets your needs.

Flexibility: are you able to go to an appointment in the middle of the day? Or, do u want a vet close to your home? Does the best vet in your town have his office quite a way across town? These are important questions you must ask yourself when shopping for a vet.

Always research when looking for a vet or a new vet, if you are dissatisfied with the one you have. Does this vet make house calls if you are disabled and can't drive and have no-one to help you get the pet to the vet? Will the vet let you come back to the exam room while the pet is getting its exam? Does the vet do the blood work him/herself, or does a vet tech do it? How does the office look, if you go to take an on site look? Is it clean, does it smell clean and disinfected?

These are very, very important things to research when looking for a vet or a new one. The most important thing, is the vet him or herself. Are they attentive to you when you speak to them? How do they interact with your pet? Do they talk to your pet if they are nervous, or do they just get you in and out in a hurry? To me the most important thing with a vet, is how do they treat you and you beloved pet if the time comes to let your pet go due to illness or just old age. Are they caring to you, and loving to the pet? How to find this out, is ask for references of people that have had to put a pet down due to those 2 reasons. If the vet will not give you this information, I, personally, would not use them.

This information comes from my own research and life experiences. I hope this helps you when the time comes for you to either find a vet, due to a new pet in your life, or you need to find a new vet due to whatever reasons.