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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Natural Or Chemical - Your Choice.

Hey everyone, so sorry it has been quite awhile since I posted. But, I am back and ready to get after it. Today, I want to talk about your groomer. A good groomer is like a good hairdresser for us. If you find one you and your dog like, you stay with that groomer until he or she retires or re-locates to another area away from you.

I always used all natural products in my shop. By this, I mean, organic. I felt that chemicals did nothing but damage the coat, and possibly the animal, health wise. In the summer time, fleas and ticks are a huge concern, so many people ask for their pets to be dipped with a flea dip, or have a flea shampoo used on them.

Whenever a client of mine would ask for a dip or a flea shampoo, I carefully explained that I did not use a chemical dip, and gave my reasons. The reply I most invariably got was, "well, how do you kill the fleas?" An organic dip works just as well as a chemical dip if used correctly. My dip contained pennyroyal, a natural insect deterrent. If left on for the right amount of time, it not only nourishes the dogs skin and coat, but will deter fleas and ticks. Now, remember, you want to nourish the skin, not burn it with chemicals.

Let me share a story with you from my grooming days. I had a young lady bring a Yorkshire Terrier into the salon I owned in Huntington, WV, called Doggie Do's. This dog had not a single hair on her back. Her former "groomer," and I use that term very loosely, put the dog under a sunlamp and literally burnt all of her coat off her back. She was so pitiful. So, I immediately, ran my hands over her body and felt her coat, what she had left, and found that she did have a really nice texture to her coat.

I told the owner that I had a great shampoo that had some really fabulous botanicals in it. So, we started a weekly regiment of medicated shampoo, all natural, and air drying. By air drying, I mean that I put her on my grooming table and dried her with a regular, small fan. Well, long story cut short, within 2 months, she had a full coat again.

Ask your groomer to use natural products on your dog, if he or she doesn't already. These botanicals were being used by people centuries ago, now it has been found that they work extremely well on dogs and cats.

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