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Monday, September 29, 2008

Little Victories Pet Photos At Huntington Mall.

Little Victories No-Kill Shelter has been granted permission by the Huntington Mall, Barboursville, WV to let pets come into the mall at the Macy's dome and have pictures taken.

This is a first for the shelter. They have been rejected before by the mall. Sue Brown asked the owner of Just Dog's! Gourmet, Audra Sowards, if she might be able to help. Well, Audra went to the mall management and worked magic. The mall agreed to it.

Every Wed., Fri., and Sat., from 10am till noon, through the month of October, pictures will be taken at the Macy Dome. And, when you are through, come down to Just Dog's! Gourmet for a free 1/4 lb. sack of our bacon training treats. We are just across from Steak Escape in the food court. As this is a non-profit organization, I assume, yes assume, that a donation will be the price for the picture. Come out in October and have your pet captured in a photo, and at the same time, help a great cause.

The money from the donations will go toward medical bills and food supplies. Come out and join us. Maybe you have a Halloween costume you want your pet to wear. This is the perfect opportunity to get that photo taken.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Holistic Flea/Tick/Mite Treatment And What Mange Is.

Are you having trouble with fleas, ticks or mites? This time of year the fleas are out in full force, and so are the ticks. You can see these two, but the mites you would need a microscope for. Usually you will find them in the ears. But mites also can be seen in skin scrapings done by your vet. Mites are the cause of Sarcoptic and Demodectic mange. Also, this year has been one of the worst for ticks that I have seen in a long time. I found a holistic remedy for these 3 pesky parasites. It is cinnamon. Yes, cinnamon.

Cinnamon has sulphur in it. Ticks, fleas and mites hate sulphur. By putting a teaspoon of cinnamon on your dog's food once a day, you can supplement your flea/tick program without harming your dog.

Also, if you have a dog with itchy skin and nothing seems to work, try putting one capsule of fish oil on your dogs food every 3-4 days. You can find these capsules at Rite-Aid, GNC or any health food store. The oil will give your dog the added oil they need to alleviate the dry skin. Mix it up well in their food, though, as it smells like fish. Most dogs don't like fish.

Just a little information on the mites. The mite that causes Scabies is microscopic and this can be spread rapidly between dogs and on to humans. It is characterized by intense itching and hair loss, especially around the areas of the ears, elbows, legs and face. The second type, the Demodex canis, is also microscopic and lives in the hair follicles. It causes thick, red skin and hair loss. Eventually, it can cause the formation of pustules in the infected hair follicles.

This first signs of Demodectic mange in young puppies are small patches of hair loss around the eyes, forehead, muzzle, and forepaws. Dogs with this type of mange should not be used for breeding, as it is hereditary. Skin scrapings done by a vet can determine the type of mange, or what is causing the skin problems your dog may be experiencing.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Jim Scheidler Cares About Animals.

With election time rolling around, I felt compelled to write this. There is one man running for Sheriff named Jim Scheidler. This man should be our next Sheriff. On many occasions I have called him, personally, on his cell, and he has answered. The reason for my calls all were concerning possible animal abuse.

Some of these cases I have seen with my own eyes, while others were from people who had posted to this blog, concerned for an animal or animals they personally knew of. Each time, he has either investigated himself, yes, I said himself, or has sent a deputy out. And, then, I get a call with a report of what has been found.

I have tried to get other candidates to answer me, one in particular, and that one is Nancy Cartmill. I tried her by phone and email, but got no return call. Folks, our Sheriff should be someone that not only cares about the rampant drug and violent crime in our county, but about the defenseless, too. He also has informed me of any children that were at these places he investigated. He cares about them, too.

If you know of any animal abuse, call the Cabell County Sheriff dept. My vote will go to "Jimbo" Jim Scheidler this November.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Moving To A New Home With Your Dog.

Chance says, " Take care of your best buddy when you move! Or you could have Major Trouble."

Are you planning to move to a new home? Are you worried that your pet might be stressed or stressing out about the move? Here are some tips to help you ease this traumatic experience for your pet. And, by the way, moving is one of the 3 most traumatic things a person can do in their lives. (My family owned a successful moving and storage company in WV for over 75 yrs. and I can attest to that statement, seeing it first hand.)
Review crate training. If a dog is crate trained, it is most likely going to take moving in stride better than a dog that isn't crate trained. Start a week ahead of time by putting your dog in its crate for one minute, then increase in 3-minute increments until you are up to 3o minutes. If your dog begs to get out, don't let them out. If you do, you are rewarding the begging. i.e. crying, whining.

Nip the nervousness in the bud. They have a great product out called a DAP diffuser or DAP collar. This contains a dog-pleasing pheromone which is similar to a mother dog nursing her puppies. Also start a week early to help keep your dog calm.

Introduce the new house. Getting your dog acclimated to your new home is smart. Before the move, take your pet to the home and let them explore the place. Take them on a lead or in their carriers. Let them explore for a few hours and then take them back to their familiar surroundings.

Get your new house ready for your pet. Before you move everything in, plan where you are going to put everything for your pet. Also, get the fencing up, if your new place doesn't have it.

Keep your pet out of the way of the movers. Moving men are their to do a very hard job. They have to deal with the home owner and make sure they don't damage anything. If your dog is running amok among them, it just makes things too hard for everyone involved. So, I suggest that you take your dog to a doggie daycare or a friends house. Even your vet is a great place to keep your best friend through the whole thing. Also, the most important aspect of this is keeping your pet safe. A nervous pet will bolt out an open door in a second, and don't think yours won't. Even the best trained dogs will bolt if scared.

Be conscious of security. Moving may prompt your dog to go into what I call "survival mode." Your pet may tap into its inner escape artist and bolt. All the chaotic energy may cause your dog to want to escape all of it. Fear does a lot, remember that. Keep doors closed and locked, and see that your dog doesn't try to "leave" with you when you leave the home. Remember, moving is stressful not only to humans, but especially to your pets.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How To Have A Safe Halloween Party With Your Dog.

Do you host a party at your house for Halloween? If so, is your dog an invited guest? This can be a fun time, or it can turn into a disaster. Letting your dog run free among spirited children is not a good idea. Some children know how to behave around a dog, but most do not. You have some children that don't have a family dog and could possibly be scared with the dog running around, enjoying the freedom of being among its extended "pack."

Even the most patient of dogs can nip and bite if an unruly child pulls its hair or tail, or yanks on the ears. If you have a big dog, a child could possibly jump on it, too, trying to "ride" the doggie. To let your dog enjoy the party, take the dog into the party area for a supervised visit. If your dog is a showman and knows some tricks, let them "perform" them for the kids. And, if your dog is tolerant of "clothes", get a cute costume and dress them up for the party. Remember, when dressing up your dog, make sure they can move, breathe, see, hear and bark.

During the introductions, children to dog, dog to children, help the children softly stroke the dog's sides. Education is the best way to keep everyone happy and having a good time. When you see that your dog is tiring, tell everyone bye and let them individually stroke the dog, lightly, on the head and exit the room. Reward your pet for a job well done with a tasty treat.

Remember, human chocolate will kill your dog or cat. Keep all human treats out of the reach of your pet(s). Educate your children and their friends about the dangers of human chocolate. The caffeine and Theobromine are the ingredients that are toxic to dogs and cats. Have a safe and fun Halloween.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our Animal Control Is A Joke.

Sections of this post have been edited due to confusion on some readers part. Let me clarify.

Day in and day out, I watch a Sharpei dog, in a pen, in my neighbor's backyard. I listen to him bark as he watches the other two dogs this lady has, play in the yard. I will clarify this later about the 2 dogs. He is ignored, totally. The Cabell Cty. animal control has been called, and came out last spring. The reason they came is because another neighbor had gone over to cut the inside dog's toenails, a Basset Hound, and saw that the pads on his feet were completely gone. They had been burned off where the dog stood in its own urine for hours on end. The husband would take the dog (Basset Hound) out before he left for work at 5:30am and then again when he came home between 6-7 pm and it stayed in the cage for the rest of the time.

The officer came, cited them, and told them they had 2 weeks to get things taken care of, or the dog would be removed. They never came back. This is the reason that animals suffer and die at the hands of this type of person. Neglect and abuse, pure and simple. She now has another dog that looks like a cross between a Pomeranian and Chihuahua. It has the tendency to bite, too. I don't know where she got the dog, but I know why she has it. Because the neighbor that sold her the Basset Hound as a puppy, (the dog that was caged inside the house), has a MinPin that was a rescue dog from an abuse case in Lincoln Cty., WV back in '06. This woman just wants to keep up with the "Jones', so she got the little mix breed.

The dog in the pen has not been out in over 4 yrs. This is not an exaggeration, either. What is the use of calling animal control if they will not come out and do the job they are paid to do? And, the excuse they don't have enough officers is poppycock. The budget for them is $300,000.00 a yr. Ridiculous! Ah, he is barking again. Poor dog. I have called the pound myself, and get the same line. "We will send someone out, thank you for caring about the animals."

Evidently, someone has said something to them both. Because the Basset and the little mix get to come outside frequently now. But, it is just for show. They only come out when some of the neighbors are out. If no-one is out, the dogs don't get to come out. She makes a big show of sitting on her porch with the little dog on her lap, petting it. But, if no-one is paying attention, and the dog barks, she slaps it. I see this with my own eyes, and have had several heated discussions with her. It does absolutely no good. But not the Sharpei. It, by the way, was her daughters ex-boyfriends dog. But when they split 4 yrs. ago, he was put in the pen and virtually forgotten.

The neighbor that sold this woman the Basset was warned, but didn't want to make enemies, since they had just moved into our sub-division. Her nephew is actually the one that called Animal Control. I have talked to her about this lady, but she doesn't want to make waves. In other words, chicken. So, I hope I have cleared this post up a little. Thank you for reading my blog, everyone. I appreciate it and the comments.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kudos To Charleston WV On A Positive Cruelty Sentence.

Finally, a positive sentence in an animal cruelty case. A Charleston man got 1 to 3 yrs. in prison for feeding razor blades, wrapped in meat to his neighbor's 4 dogs. In a plea agreement, he plead guilty to felony animal cruelty, and the other 3 charges were dropped.

Seems like Charleston is leading the state in punishing these evil, sadistic people. No matter what the reason he was upset with his neighbor, feeding the dogs razor blades was totally uncalled for. People are just like that, though. Instead of having the moxie to confront the person, they go after the animal.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hurricanes And The Animals.

Again, mother nature has seen fit to take her wrath out on the gulf coasts. And, again, the animals suffer as much as the humans. The Humane Society of the United States has a video showing the sheltering of these animals from the ravages of the storms. You can see this video at

The shelters in these storm ravaged area will be over-run again, as they were when Katrina hit. They, again, will need monetary donations to keep up with food and vet bills. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Go to the website above and they will have info on how you can help. Thanks.

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