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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This Is Just A Story About A Boy And His Dog.

Chance and Mr. Lizard love a good story.

Today, while at work at Just Dog's Gourmet in the Huntington Mall, I met a young man, probably in middle school, or a freshman in H.S., shopping with his mom. As we got to talking, which is something I love to do, his mom told me a great story.

Their dog, of 16 yrs., a rescue, had passed away, and then a month later, her dad, his granddad, passed away. This young man was very close to both, she (the mom) said. The mom wanted to wait to get another dog, while she got things settled, I imagine with her father's estate, as she did not elaborate on this, and I didn't ask. But, her husband said that the boy needed a dog.

So, she began to research and decided to buy a West Highland Terrier (Westie). So, the night before they were to leave for Columbus, I believe, she told him what she was going to do. He said to her, "mom, if you want to get that dog, that is O.K., but there is a dog here that needs me." Her husband had heard what he said, and called Sue Brown, of Little Victories. When Sue heard the story, she exclaimed that she had a dog for his son.

They went to one of the vet clinics where this little dog was being fostered, a Jack Russell, Chihuahua mix, and the bond was made. His name was Tag, but the young man named him "Jack." Jack was about 4 lbs. He is now a vibrant, playful companion for this boy. When I watched this boy talk about his dog, I got tears in my eyes. When his mom told me the story, I got chill bumps all over.

He carefully picked out some of our treats for Jack, and would ask his mom if it was O.K. if he got this one or that one. She told him to get as much as he wanted, which I thought was so cool. It is so great to hear stories like this one, it does my heart good.

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