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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Designer Dogs And Pet Store Puppies.

Chance and Mr. Puppy say, "Don't buy from a pet store, they sell puppy mill puppies and mixing breeds brings out the worst of both breeds."

I have been cruising the Internet and found a site for "puppies for sale" in the Ashland/Huntington area. I was dismayed to see the number of "designer" puppies for sale on this site. Also, there were many people looking to buy these dogs, because they looked "sooo cute." Buying a dog because it is cute is a really, really bad idea. You need to research very carefully when purchasing a puppy.

In the Herald Dispatch opinion section today, a lady wrote about a puppy she bought from a retail store that was sick. I wish she had read my blog. I have many, many posts on why not to buy a puppy from a pet store. I am sure I know the one she is talking about, but for legal reasons, I am not going to mention it. Pet stores have what is called "Pet store doublespeak."

From what I read in the letter to the editor, the lady's puppy survived. She is very, very lucky. I will continue to speak out against "designer" dogs and buying a dog from a pet store. If you want to ensure you are getting a healthy puppy, never buy a dog from a pet store, through a classified ad either in the physical paper or off a classified ad on the Internet. Any reputable breeder never sells through these means. You need to see both the parents or if both are not on site, contact the owner of the parent dog that is not available to view and talk to the owner of that dog.

But, I advocate getting a dog from a shelter, as they have many purebred dogs, and there are many, many breed rescues out there. And, let it be known, that these places will not place a dog with special needs to just anyone.

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