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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shop Online And Save A Shelter Animal.

Chance and Mr. Puppy say, "Shelter animals need all the help you humans can give!"

Did you know that approximately six to eight million cats and dogs enter animal shelters each year, with an even number of pets being given up by their owners and those being collected by animal control agencies. Many of the shelters which take in and care for these animals rely on grants and the generosity of animal lovers and their donations to stay in business. The average cost of the most basic care for a cat or dog in a shelter ranges from $400-$700, not including special medical or training needs, so caring for these deserving animals can be quite costly.

I got an email about helping animals while you shop. It said that people can make a difference and help fund their favorite animal shelter, simply by shopping online. has teamed up with thousands of retailers and hundreds of pet charities to come up with a way to turn your everyday shopping into a charitable contribution. With each online purchase through PetGive, they will donate a portion of your sales total to the charity of your choice! Not only will your shopping be helping animals in need, but you will also have access to special savings and offers with leading retailers not available anywhere else!

Go to and sign up. It is free and from what I read, it's legit and a great way to help animals without leaving your home.

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