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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hog-Dog Fighting.

This is something I had never heard of. It boggles my mind what some people think is a sport.

In a hog-dog fight or "hog-dog rodeo," a trained dog attacks a trapped feral hog who is released into an enclosed pit from which there is no escape. To confer an advantage on the dog, fight organizers will either cut off the hog's tusks or outfit the dog in a Kevlar vest. While the crowd cheers, the dog is timed to see how quickly he can pin down the hog by tearing into the hog's snout, ears and eyes. Although hog-dog fight promoters often bill fights as "family entertainment," this bloodsport is closely connected to other crimes and forms of violence in addition to cruelty to animals.

Public exposure of hog-dog fighting and efforts by our Animal Cruelty and Fighting campaign have helped spur a legislative crackdown on hog-dog fighting. Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina have passed laws making hog-dog fighting illegal, alongside the blood sports of cockfighting and dogfighting. And the attorneys general in Texas and Florida have delivered opinions stating that hog-dog fights violate their cruelty laws.

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