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Realizing a Healthy You
For anyone who has ever made a resolution or goal to get healthy physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, but couldn’t find the way. Take a step into my world for some interesting insight into kick-starting your health goals. Here you will find uplifting, interesting and exciting words that will hopefully help and inspire those wanting to make a healthy change for the future.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jumping Back on the Bandwagon

I'm slowly finding my way back to exercise and eating properly again. Man, I think I did more than fall off the bandwagon. I'm sure I jumped head first into cake, donuts, candy, and soda. I knew I had to get back on track when I found those same aches and pains that had gone away when I started exercising creeping back up and making their way back into my life. Since I've beaten that unhealthy dragon down once before, I know that I can do it again. I'm going to keep telling myself that I can do this over and over again so that hopefully it will stick this time around.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Motivation and Willpower

Every time I slack off from exercising or eating the way I should I blame it on a lack of motivation and I search to find that motivation that got me to wanting to get healthier. Sometimes I find it and other times I don't. I often sit and wonder what keeps a person motivated to continue to work out and eat right. What gives them that drive and heart not to give up even though temptations surround them. I thought I had found that motivation, but it seems to come and go.

Maybe it's not just about being motivated, but having the willingness to stick through regardless of what is put in front of me. Just because there's cake and donuts at a party doesn't mean that I have to eat them. Although I am motivated not to eat them, my willpower just goes right out the window and I break down sometimes. So, how do I keep my willpower strong and not give in. In the past, it's been something that has clicked in my head, so maybe having willpower is something that clicks in your head and you just get it. Whatever it is, I think it needs to click in my head again.