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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday morning poll

This week's poll is a look at the people who didn't get to be president. For this list, I've assembled a mix - some I think would have been wonderful, some I believe would have been absolutely horrid and possibly brought about the end of the U.S.A.

I've included as many eras and political stripes as I could, though I admit it's skewed a bit toward modern times.

The only qualification was that the person actually had presidential aspirations - some lost narrowly in the general, others lost in the primary, some never had a prayer in any case and some died before they could be nominated.

Have at it:

Who is the greatest president we never had?
Alexander Hamilton
Samuel Adams
Henry Clay
Horace Greeley
Samuel Tilden
William Jennings Bryan
Eugene Debs
Robert La Follette
Huey P. Long
Alf Landon
Tom Dewey
Henry Wallace
Strom Thurmond
Adlai Stevenson
Barry Goldwater
Robert F. Kennedy
Eugene McCarthy
Hubert Humphrey
George Wallace
George McGovern
Walter Mondale
Gary Hart
Michael Dukakis
H. Ross Perot
Bob Dole
Steve Forbes
Al Gore
Ralph Nader
Pat Buchanan
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