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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Anoop Desai: "I don't want to typecast myself"

Anoop Desai is just as animated on the phone as he is on the show and when you hear him talk you really just can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next…

Anoop’s undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina is in political science and American studies. The graduate degree he’s working toward now is in folklore/cultural anthropology.

As for his cultural background, Anoop’s dad was born in India. His mom is from South Africa.

You may have wondered who Anoop was referring to after his Wild Card performance. Eve Carson was the UNC Student Body President who was murdered last year. Thursday was the one year anniversary of her death. About her, Anoop said, “I was lucky enough to know her from my time in Carolina. It was really hard [Thursday]. I was lucky enough that they streamed [the anniversary ceremony] online so I could go on the website and see the ceremony. Anoop said he carries his Eve button on stage every time to “remind myself that I’m doing it for her.”

Here’s some more of what Anoop had to say during his media conference call Friday…

On the big twist: “I mean it was the pits, man. It was the difference between having all of your dreams dashed and then seconds later having them alive again. It was a genuine shock. The producers and Simon and all of the judges sort of apologized.”

On Kanye being on the show: “Hopefully I’ll get to meet him and we can talk about collaborations in the future. I’m definitely going to pick his brain.”

On the judges: “I think that they’re four very experienced voices in the industry. I do feel like they say everything for a reason. I think Simon says things to elicit reactions.”

On doing “My Prerogative” again: “That song in particular has become sort of like an anthem for me throughout, since Hollywood Week. I thought it was especially appropriate for the Wild Card Round. I mean, it’s my prerogative. I was really happy to do that song with an audience. [The Wild Card] performance is all about showing the judges. It’s a last ditch effort pretty much. So obviously I wanted to show them the side they liked before.”

On what type of songs he’ll do: “I don’t want to typecast myself. I want to think of myself as a singer and an artist. I’m not going to limit myself to those types of songs. It’s really going to depend on the theme.”

On what has surprised him so far about the show: “I guess the whole process of it. When you watch it on TV [you don’t see] there’s such a frantic effort during those commerical breaks. The number of people, the amount of resources that goes into producing just one of those hour results shows…I knew that it was a juggernaut but it’s really something else to experience it.”

On being popular with the judges: “I haven’t tried to get in their good graces I’ve just been fortunate enough for it to happen. I’ve been myself and I’m just going to continue that.”

On being away from UNC in March: “I don’t know what I’m going to do not being in Chapel Hill for March Madness.”

On what kind of music he’d like to make: “I love Ne-Yo right now. I think I’m a contemporary R&B singer. I’d love to do some collaborations with Luda and Kanye. Wherever this takes me I know I’m going to have a great opportunity to do my music.”

On his dream mentor: “If Stevie Wonder came back, I would faint. I think he’s the greatest musical mind I’ve ever heard. That would be the ultimate for me.”

On the Top 13: “Obviously I’m glad that they expanded it. You’re gonna get what you pay for in a sense with this show because everyone in the Top 13 is really talented. It’s going to be a boon for the show to showcase that wide variety of talent.”
Photo Credit: Frank Micelotta/FOX