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Thursday, January 15, 2009

FOX's Reality Guru on Last Night's Show

Last night I theorized that we were only seeing the singers that we’ll actually follow in the Hollywood Rounds.

FOX reality guru Mike Darnell lent some credence to my claim today in a comment to “The Hollywood Reporter”:

“Darnell adds that last night's outing was also creatively strong, saying Wednesday night showcased ‘the most great talent we’ve had in one singular [audition] episode of Idol,’ and predicted that at least four of last night's singers will make it into the Top 36, if not Top 12.”


Now clearly Darnell doesn’t know who’s making the top 12 because we decide that. But as the head of reality programming at FOX he could know the top 36 at this point, and if he doesn’t, he surely knows the top 50…

Hmmm, indeed…