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Monday, November 10, 2008

Catching Up With Kellie

I know there are a lot of Kellie Pickler fans out there, so let me take a minute to play a little catch-up with her…

In the October 20th issue of “People,” Kellie opened up about her battle with depression.

In July 2007, Kellie’s dad went back to prison and by the fall, she was dealing with a painful breakup with hockey player Jordin Tootoo. Then came that infamous CMA performance of her hit, “I Wonder,” where Kellie broke down.

So what was going on that November 7th evening?

According to the “People” interview, Kellie had just gone off anti-depressant pills that “made [her] a zombie,” so she was “an emotional wreck.” Then, 10 minutes before she hit the stage, she got a call that her mother (who abandoned her at age 2) was on TV. Kellie said, “It really hurt. My hands shook all during the song. Then I lost it.”

Kellie’s mother has done several press interviews about why she left Kellie, but Kellie has not made contact. “If she had said, ‘I was not the mom I should have been,’ or ‘Kellie, I’m sorry,’ that’s all I wanted. I’m a forgiving person.”

Kellie is now dating Kyle Jacobs, a Nashville songwriter who wrote two songs with Kellie on her latest album…

Photo Credit: BNA Nashville