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Monday, September 29, 2008

Kellie Pickler CD Review: Here I Go Again...

Please Note: This review was based on an Internet stream and not the actual CD.

You’d think I would’ve learned my lesson after the thrashing I took from Kellie Pickler fans after my not-so-positive reaction to her first album.

But apparently I didn’t, because here I go again…

Now before I get to the bad part, let me say that there are some pretty good songs on “Kellie Pickler.” “Lucky Girl,” “Best Days of Your Life” (which Kellie co-wrote with Taylor Swift), and “Makin’ Me Fall In Love With You” are all good songs. Even the first single “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful” is okay if you can get past the overly sentimental lyrics.
The problem is that they would be great songs if someone else was singing them. Or at least someone whose voice wasn’t as manufactured as Kellie’s is on this CD. I was stunned at how artificial she sounds. And that artificiality gets increasingly grating as the CD goes on. The high notes are almost painful at times.
Is it any wonder then that Kellie’s CD shows her posing more like a pop vixen than a country girl?

I appreciate the fact that Kellie is maturing with her second CD. I would just like to hear her do it with a voice a little closer to her own…

“Kellie Pickler” hits stores Tuesday, September 30th…

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