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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Next Week's Theme And the Rest of the Calendar...

Since the corporate begging and Brad Garrett plugging caused the show to run over, Ryan didn’t get a chance to tell us next week’s theme…

I still don’t have full details yet, but according to “TV Guide,” the guest coach will be Gwen Stefani, as “Access Hollywood” had reported earlier. In an earlier interview, Stefani said the Idols would not only sing her songs, but also songs that have inspired her (whatever that means).

Who wants to take bets on Sanjaya doing “Hollaback Girl”?...

“TV Guide” also reports that Stefani will perform “Sweet Escape” with Akon on Wednesday’s results show…

Based on information culled from various websites, here’s how the rest of the calendar shakes out. Remember that this information is not from FOX, so it could change…

April 3rd—Since I can’t find any information for this date, process of elimination tells me it’s Tony Bennett. I’m guessing the theme will be something to do with standards.

April 10th—Jennifer Lopez will guest coach a Latin music night. And no, that is not a joke.

April 17th—Martina McBride is the coach, so I’m guessing either her songs or country in general.

April 24—“Idol Gives Back” night. The top six will sing “life anthems.” If you plan to skip a week, this is probably the one.

May 1st—Bon Jovi will coach the top five through their hits. Woo hoo!!!

May 8th—Barry Gibb is the coach so I’m guessing the theme will be music from the 70s or disco. The most logical guess would be the music of the Bee Gees, but since they already did that in season two with Robin Gibb (the night I fell in love with Clay Aiken, by the way), I don’t know if they’ll repeat it. Do you think any of the Idols will ask him about “The Barry Gibb Talk Show”?

May 15th—Since this will be the top three, that usually means they sing a song of their choice, a song chosen by the judges and a song chosen by Clive Davis

May 22nd—The final performance show, which usually means some snoozer of a ballad and other songs of the top two’s choosing

When I get more details about Gwen week, I’ll let you know…