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Friday, March 16, 2007

Did the Chrises Diss Diana?

Here's an interesting tidbit I got from "Entertainment Weekly"...

Apparently the Chrises had some interesting comments about Diana Ross Week before their performances Tuesday .

Chris Richardson said it would be hard because it's tough to make a "woman song"
a "man song." And how many seasons have the women had to sing "man" songs? It's called adapting Chris...

But the most insulting comment came from Chris Sligh. He said that the week would be difficult because Diana has a "weird range" of "only seven or eight notes. That's it." Combining that with completely redoing "Endless Love" and no wonder Diana didn't seem happy with him. Here's a piece of advice, Chris. Don't diss the judges you're going to work with. America listens to what they say (or how they're edited). Just ask Ace from last season...

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