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Friday, March 16, 2007

Brandon Rogers: His hips don't lie, they just make him forget...

A lot of people wouldn't be happy after being voted off America's #1 show, but Brandon Rogers is. That's probably because he had already made peace with going home.

"I completely 100 percent expected it the second they told me I was in the bottom three," he told "Entertainment Weekly." Brandon even admitted what we already knew--that he never lived up to the hype. "A lot of people were waiting for me to live up to my first audition and when you never return to that top form, it's a disappointment to some people." Brandon also admitted that he was choosing songs he enjoyed and not ones that would show off his voice.

So why did he forget the words? Nerves? The pressure? Nope, his hips. Brandon said that after he did his little hip shimmy that the audience went wild and he started thinking about that and forgetting about his singing. "I enjoyed the moment a little too much."

Next week, Brandon planned to sing "Whiter Shade of Pale" which he says is the "first great song I chose." I'm afraid I'd have to agree...

By the way, one writer who was at Wednesday's show said that if Brandon had given that performance (the one we didn't see) on Tuesday, Sanjaya would absolutely have went home. The same writer said Blake and Chris R. were the most upset at Brandon's departure, as Blake even turned away at one point to compose himself...