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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Simon and Ryan Getting Nasty?

If you like to surf the "Herald-Dispatch" website as I do, you may have seen an AP article about how Ryan and Simon were getting nasty with each other on last night's show.

It pointed out the whole "sweetheart" exchange from last night and mentioned that Ryan did not thank Simon at the end of the show.

Puh-leez, you're not actually buying that, are you?

Let's remember that this is a television show and as boring as the contestants were last night, someone had to create some drama.

Now, I do think that Simon was unhappy with Chris' comments and Ryan was genuinely surprised that Simon called him "sweetheart" (as I think Simon was too), but Simon and Ryan are great friends. The two of them--along with Randy--even go out after every show. So don't read anything into their comments to each other.

However, you can bet that they'll still be sniping at each other tonight--especially if the girls are as flat as the guys...

You can read the AP article for yourself at