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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Paula Replaced With Courtney Love?

Paula Abdul replaced with Courtney Love? That was the rumor started Tuesday by "US Weekly"--even before Paula's bizarre behavior on Tuesday night's show.

According to "US," Courtney told them she received a call from "Idol" Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe about "sitting in" as a judge on the show. But "US" reports a "source" told them that Lythgoe was "considering having Love 'replace Paula.'"

Lythgoe issued a statement yesterday saying he did not call Love, and was afraid that someone may have "misrepresented" him. Lythgoe added there were no plans to add to or replace any of the judges.

Courtney Love? Are you even serious? Did "US" really think that "Idol" would replace Paula because of her weird behavior with Courtney Love, the queen of weird behavior?

I'll let you write your own jokes on this one...