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Monday, January 29, 2007

Let the Katharine Media Blitz Begin!

The Katharine McPhee media blitz begins in earnest tonight with a performance on “The Tonight Show.” Tonight’s show should be a pretty good one, as Jay’s also got Bill Cosby and the fabulous Mary Lynn Rajskub (“24”). Wonder if he can get her to reveal as much about “24” as he always gets Kiefer to? But I digress…

This week, Katharine will also visit “Today” (January 31st) and “Live With Regis & Kelly” (February 1st). Then next week, it’s “TRL” (February 5th), “The Early Show” (February 6th), “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (February 7th) and “Larry King Live” (February 8th).

Katharine will also play herself on an upcoming episode of “Ugly Betty.” Everything I’ve read says it’s this Thursday’s (February 1st) episode, but Katharine’s website says it’s February 8th. Of course her website also said she was appearing tonight on the “Jay Leno Show,” so take it for what it’s worth. Either way, Katharine couldn’t be appearing at a better time since “Ugly Betty” is red hot right now. However, since the fabulous Tim Gunn will be appearing in the same episode, she’s going to get upstaged. “Betty” airs Thursday at 8 on ABC…

You can still catch a listen to Katharine’s CD before it hits stores tomorrow at