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Finding Motivation to Get Fit
How I found motivation to lose weight, get in shape and help others to do the same.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Fun - getting the most out of it!

My apologies for another long delay!  I just returned from my very first trip to Disney World with my family and I am ready to get back to some serious training.

My weight has inched up a bit to 205 and that is simply not acceptable to me!  I'm sure much of it has to do with the fact that I'm eating pretty much everything that I want!  So, starting tonight I am cutting out my favorite refreshment - Sweet Tea!  Cutting out regular soda made a huge difference in my weight and I believe that cutting out sweet tea will also help in reducing unnecessary calories.  I hate to do it but sacrifices must be made.

I am also going to get back into my routine of three total body workouts per week, not including my baseball games.  I pitch most single games so that's my cardio workout for that particular day.  After doing some reading and research I am going to begin a new lifting program.  I am going to do five sets of the big three exercises - clean complex, front squat, bench press, and three sets of my complimentary exercises - dumbell curls, tricep push downs, and lat pulls.  For strength and conditioning I'm going to start with 120 sledge hammer swings on a tire and sticking with old school I'm going to flip a tire for forty reps.  If my body can take anymore I'll wrap up my workout by running bleacher steps!

Hopefully the rain will hold off and I'll be able to get in a great workout and start my summer off with a great sweat so that by the first of August I'll be down to 189 pounds and feel great about my health and the way I look!  Good luck!!!