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Finding Motivation to Get Fit
How I found motivation to lose weight, get in shape and help others to do the same.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

GOUT crushes motivation!!!

For those of you who have never suffered through a gout attack, God bless you!  I hope you never have one.  For those who have suffered, you can understand how it can crush your motivation to workout, go to work, get out of bed, even move!  It's been a few weeks since my last post because I've experienced two attacks and have worked out once since my last post!

During our trip to Frankfort and then Great Wolf Lodge, I had an attack after my workout that centered in my right ankle.  Gout is extremely painful and it limited the activities I was able to do.  That cleared up after about five days and I got in a dumbell workout the following Sunday.  On Tuesday, I suffered another attack in the same ankle but this time, it also hit my right knee and my left elbow.  It was a struggle to get to work and even tougher making it through the day.

As one can imagine my workouts have suffered too.  It's nearly impossible to use the affected body part for any type of effective workout during a gout attack.  But all hasn't been lost.  I've taken this time to do some additional research and I've found a few new exercises I'm going to start soon.  Although my body has been unable to perform during this time, my mind has been hard at work.  I've been planning my new program to incorporate more old school work including the sledgehammer, tire flipping, and sandbags.  Sandbags are completely new to me and I'm excited to get started!

I hope you're having success with your workouts and I look forward to getting back into the swing of things this coming week!