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Interested in illustration? Drawing images that accompany news stories is a privilege that news illustrator Thomas Marsh relishes. Here’s a chance to look over his shoulder and see how he does it.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Avoid the Wave ruff

OK. So Marshall had a rough homecoming loss to defending conference champion East Carolina.
At first, I was thinking this was the time the Herd would get complacent and take it easy on a softer opponent, only to end up finding itself in a dog fight, and ultimately losing. It seemed to happen last year way too often. When you’re a team trying to earn the league’s respect, you don’t have the luxury of mailing it in — ever. The best teams never mail it in.
Anyway, I originally had Marco in a boat labeled “complacency” with the pelican riding the big green wave of confidence. Tulane had an optimistic off-season but opened with two dismal losses. It has now bounced back and is riding a two-win resurgence.

Now usually the Homecoming opponent is a mismatch and an easy contest. So here Marshall is as Tulane’s homecoming opponent.
I remember years back when Marshall was the homecoming opponent for the at-the-time lowly Buffalo Bulls. In that illustration, I had Marco running off with Buffalo’s homecoming queen ~ that was fun.
Now it’s the Herd’s turn to steal the queen from Tulane.