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The Drawing Board
Interested in illustration? Drawing images that accompany news stories is a privilege that news illustrator Thomas Marsh relishes. Here’s a chance to look over his shoulder and see how he does it.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Finish for Free-For-All

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Free-For-All: Second Ruff

Now that I’ve gained some space between the characters, I’m better able to specifically designate what each of them is doing in the composition. The white spaces between the characters will add an airyness and flow that would have otherwise been bogged down and confused their actions.
More importantly, I have the option of making their heads as large as possible — as this is where I’ll spend the majority of my efforts.

So I better get crackin’.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Free-For-All: First Rough

At first glance, this is an extremely confusing rough, but it also includes my adjustments with not too much erasing of the elements I decided against.
At the top of the sketch you can see I scrawled “undertaker,” “katie” and “kenny.” Under each I wrote down a short list of items each is to use as a weapon. Undertaker gets a chair (of course,) Katie can wield a deadly cooking utensil (like a ladle — cause a knife is too violent and too obvious.) As I researched Kenny Chesney, I found out he had injured his foot in a stage accident at the beginning of the tour, so I’m putting a cast on him and letting him swing his guitar.
Now, in this compact composition, I’ll need to gain a little breathing room, as I want these character’s faces to be the main attraction. Note that I’ve included in the image, gray arrows that show where I want each combatant to move — away from center. I’ll work this til I’m satisfied the composition can work visually and it’s logical to the action. Then I’ll do a tighter rough, fleshing out the particulars and post it Wednesday.

Enjoy this now and hear me later!

Monday, May 5, 2008

So Much To Do

In this week’s Entertainment Tri-State, Mr Lavender is serving up a whole lotta good stuff to do this weekend, from local cuisine queen Katie Lee Joel’s appearance at Border’s Bookstore, to a Kenny Chesney/LeAnn Rimes concert in Charleston. Don’t forget about the Saturday morning Marshall graduation followed by a WWE smackdown at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena featuring the Undertaker (among others.)

With so much going on, I’ll compose one of my favored “free-for-all” fight scenes with three of the featured participants.

First of all, I’ll get the Undertaker, (cause, you know — that’s what he does); and I’ll pit him against Katie Lee Joel wielding a soup ladle. Then I’ll drop Kenny Chesney into the mix. I may place a Camden Park rollercoaster as a backdrop, cause there will be a special Mother’s Day discount at the gate.

While I'm gathering my research and visual reference, you might want to limber up before the weekend.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

FInish for Derby Day Parties

Happy May Day folks. These derby horses came together fairly easy and the incorporation of the racing colors really made the image pop more.
I was able to spend a little extra time to make sure the grill surface (with unidentified food) and the color of the wine inside the bottle looked right. Earlier on in the process, I decided not to worry about the horses lack of ability without opposable thumbs -- just float the wine glass and the BBQ skewer -- that justified my inclusion of the oven mitt.