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Neighborhood Issues in Huntington and Cabell County
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

In a word, It's a disgrace!

One simply cannot drive down any road in Cabell County without seeing litter strewn along the shoulders and medians. Bottles, cans, Styrofoam, cardboard, tires, fast-food containers, lumber, cigarette packs--and of course fluttering plastic shopping bags--are everywhere. In a word, it's a disgrace!

Beyond the fact that litter is an eyesore and an embarrassment, it also has serious economic impacts beyond just the costs of picking it up. With tourism such a critical component of our state's economy, the last thing anyone wants is a tourist going home and telling other would be visitors that the Tri-State Region isn't clean.

Litter also projects a negative image to proprietors of businesses who are considering relocation to the region. Don't believe it? Just ask anyone involved with economic development and you'll get an earful.

The people who do not "get it", or who don't care, must have an "awakening" to their personal responsibility if we are to ever have a neat, clean and tidy area. Education will work for the children, if a program were to begin in the schools, but I sense that the older "litter-bugs" cannot be reformed - pitiful, but true.

What can we do to encourage personal responsibility on the part of all residents of Cabell County? Any ideas?