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Sunday, January 28, 2007

How Long Does It Take To Clean The 10th Street Viaduct?

Yesterday, I again cleaned the 10th Street viaduct. It took me 1-hour and 37-minutes to complete the job. It is not a safe thing to do without a police escort or flagman-crew.

I certainly don't recommend that anyone take on the task. Having personally walked that viaduct in both lanes and the sidewalk cleaning up bottles, cans, blowing newspapers and fast food waste; not to mention all of the "unmentionables", I can testify to the required labor costs and time necessary to keep a viaduct in a clean and orderly manner.

Will someone please tell me why our city government can't develop a plan and schedule for cleaning all of our viaducts on a weekly basis? Having personally cleaned both the 10th and 16th street viaducts over the past six-months, I can confirm that all six of our viaducts could be cleaned in one 8-hour shift with one person and an escort vehicle for protecting the safety of the one walking worker. If I was able to do this cost/benefit analysis, why hasn't the city administration?

Sounds like a good investment in starting to clean our city up! What do you think?