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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Why Do People Litter? How Do We Stop it?

Research points to several factors that may impact on littering behavior:
  • Lack of knowledge of the environmental effects of littering.
  • Litter has already accumulated. The more litter present the more people are inclined to litter.
  • Lack of social pressure to do the right thing.
  • Absence of penalties or consistent enforcement.
  • Number, placement and appearance of disposal containers at or near the site.
  • People who litter often feel no sense of pride in the areas they are littering.
  • They do not view the item as litter. That is often the case with cigarette butts.

Huntington's voters must demand that our political leaders allocate the necessary resources to provide for litter receptacles and cigarette butt disposal equipment on every street corner in every city neighborhood. The members of Huntington City Council and the City Administration must ensure that this equipment is serviced on a daily basis by a designated crew of city workers. Finally, the council and administration must implement the necessary operational procedures needed to enforce existing city ordinances related to litter and the proper disposal of household trash and household items by each resident, whether they are an owner or tenant. The enforcement should be announced and begun on a publicly announced date certain! The ordinances are in place - enforce them!

Only our leaders can initiate the required actions - and Huntington residents choose the leaders! We must elect people who are willing to take the required action to get our city cleaned up and kept clean!

What do you think?