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Monday, October 09, 2006

"Cosmic" rent? Should we pay it?

My wife, Carter Seaton, and I were driving back from Lewisburg, WV, when she suddenly asked, “Have you ever heard the term “cosmic" rent? I immediately retorted (like I knew what I was talking about), “Yes, that is the point at which your home mortgage or monthly rental payment, surpasses your ability to pay up.”

After a very short chuckle, she talked about the concept that “cosmic” rent is that which each human being should contribute back in service to mankind for the right and privilege of living in a world that provides air, water, food, shelter, etc. I commented that very few people have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully in a way that can positively affect the well-being of the totality of the Earth and the larger Universe.

At that, Carter reminded me that each human being can pay their “cosmic” rent merely by making a commitment to participate in the betterment of the social units - community, neighborhood, city - in which they spend their lives.

A frequent prediction one hears at the moment is that America is gradually slipping into an economic and political decline, while China and India are rapidly growing in power and wealth. But perhaps the most potent predictor of the future of America is we. We are constantly creating the world by what we think and do, and how we relate to each other.

However, we all face the question of what can I do? How do I choose the right direction? What effect will my small personal life have on this huge moving mass of humanity? What we can be certain of is that change will occur, and we are involved in it in one way or another right now. Well, you are part of the mass. You are one of the runners in the human race. What you do and think touches the lives of those around you. Those around you influence and play parts in the lives of others. In this way we all touch each other.

My wife reminded me that all of the volunteers in the Adopt Your Block program are paying some of their “cosmic” rent by working to rid their own neighborhood of litter and trash. I hadn’t thought about it that way – it makes me want to get out their right now and check my own block for any blowing litter!

If you want a meaningful and noble way to pay your “cosmic” rent, post your opinion about this idea on this blog. Then, take the time to email me at , and I will contact you and deliver equipment that will allow you to easily pay "cosmic" rent to your own neighborhood by helping to keep the block in which you live free of litter. It’s that simple to pay some of your “cosmic" rent. There is no cost to you for the litter pick-up equipment I will bring to you, and you will have the knowledge that you are "taking", but that you are "giving" back for the blessings of life, liberty and the persuit of happiness.

Together, we can accomplish whatever we can imagine!