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Neighborhood Issues in Huntington and Cabell County
Here we discuss issues of importance to every city and neighborhood in Cabell County, W.Va. What do you see as issues? What are the most pressing needs? What positive things are happening? Together, we can make Huntington and Cabell County a better area in which to work, play, study and raise a family. Have your say right now. Just click on the "Post Comments" button at the end of each posting; you can post anonymously. Together, we will accomplish anything we can imagine!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Can We Talk?

When something bugs me, I want to talk to someone about it! So, if you observe something that needs fixed in your neighborhood, I invite you to visit here to talk about it. And, if what you see is something you think is good in your neighborhood - like someone who is exhibiting good citizenship, let's hear about it! God only knows, we don't hear enough about the good that exists in our communities.

As a neighborhood advocate, I am meeting folks in every Huntington neighborhood. Everyone has an opinion about city and county services, our City of Huntington and Cabell County governments' response to issues - or lack thereof - and the battles we face with litter, sub-standard housing, deteriorating infrastructure,drugs, crime and street violence. My personal commitment to our neighborhoods is to act as a lightning rod to draw attention to neighborhood problems, while attempting to get a positive response from the agencies who are charged with the responsible for combating and resolving these issues.

Remember the quotation by Cicero? He said, "The welfare of the people is the highest law." Remember the scene in the movie "Network" where the man rushes to his window, throws it open and screams to the world, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore"? Well, if you are upset about an issue in your neighborhood, you can yell about it here on this blog page, "Can We Talk?". Maybe another person reading your comments will be able to suggest a solution, or can direct you to a public official who can resolve the issue. Certainly, I will attempt to help. CAN WE TALK?